Bringing Electrical out of the shadows!

We have a separate course dedicated to the Electrical/Instrumentation group.
We focus on the tools and procedures for modeling Electrical and Instrumentation Items.
Creating Equipment from primitives, templates, and from a corporate library.
We also cover the Applications for routing Cable tray, and conduit.

PDMS Basic Skills Electrical

This course starts with an introduction to PDMS, followed by Equipment modeling techniques, and finally... Basic Tray and Conduit modeling techniques.

The objective of this course is to ensure that the Designer has a solid foundation in the way the applications work to the extent that they will be able to create and modify these systems, and that they are thoroughly familiar with their required duties such as checking data consistency, clash checking, and test running an isometric.

By the end of this course students will be able to create and update, and check equipment tray and conduit elements. They will have a good understanding of how the system is working, what it will require from them, and what they will require from administration. They will be proficient with modeling equipment tray and conduit.